the makings of adulthood 2013

a lightly salted cracker
dries up your throat–
it tells you that you’re not
just hungry, you’re thirsty too.
you have to remind yourself
to prioritize food.

but who needs food when we
have drugs and booze?
we have candles for when
the power goes, a dirty futon
and 409, and chopsticks
when there’s no clean forks
in our overcrowded drawers.

we have kitchen towels,
and dish soap and sponges
with the yellow all shredded.
we have olive oil, and pasta
and french bread for dipping.

we have all the makings of adulthood,
spread in grains before us.

booze and drugs are because
we are still afraid and avoiding
the burgeoning adulthood,
burdened upon us.

instead it feels
like we’re splayed wisps
of fishbone. the scales of meat
stuck here and there: it is our
childhood lingering, in the codependency
we share.



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