8:51 am,

but time runs fast

cracked, dry skin and nails

painted on camera

manic obsession equates to



malcontent, ill-advised, poorly timed

sitting, lying down, standing up, walking slowly,

waiting for a catalyst

early to rise

19-real-alien-sighting-620x413morning breaks, she sleeps through 2 alarms

not 1, but 2

longs for another.

morning, breaks, she can’t get out of bed

what is there to look forward to?

the cat needs,

the body wants,

the job demands,

nothing she does is useful,

or interesting.

tv is a good thing

blocks out unwanted

emotional territory, uncharting

de-charted, regressed and repressed

only wanting

material satisfaction,

manic depression,

bipolar black friday disaster,

socially anxious snail,

slow at everything, tempered quietly,

understood what we had,




fingertips, shredded breath, lungs rip n lines tip, break open, under spiral, or spyre? words that have no meaning and were always destined to die